Learning is natural


Perhaps it is now time to honor
the self-learning capacities of
our children.


Asli Shiksha works with schools, teachers and students through unique long-term transformative processes to create a self-learning environment. We publish books on learning, in close partnership with SIDH, an NGO established in 1989, that has done pioneering work in rural education in Uttarakhand.



Our workshops are focused on questioning some of the established myths about learning. They are centered around enhancing awareness of 'Self' to bring in new perspectives on education and learning.

Some workshops are listed below. We also create custom workshops based on specific transformation goals. Contact us if you want to set up any of these workshops.

For teachers

Introductory workshop

To create a shift in perspective and make teachers question their assumptions about life and education.

Follow-up workshops

For implementation and review of the insights from the introductory workshop.

For parents

Working with your school-going child

To discuss and generate ideas for urban parents to effectively work with school-going children.

Awakening self-learning in children

To discuss the theory and practice of how to get school-going children to become self-learners.

For students

Everyone can love Science

For students of class 6, 7 and 8 to spark their curiosity and sense of wonder about science.

Fun with Maths

For students of class 6, 7 and 8 to open their eyes to the fun and magic hidden in the language of Mathematics.




Asli Shiksha & SIDH joint publications

Learning to learn: An Introduction

This illustrated book, the first in a series, introduces the concept of Asli Shiksha.

SIDH publications

SIDH has published more than 40 books in English and Hindi pioneering new conversations in education.

Visit www.sidhsri.com to know more.

Upcoming books

Learning to learn: Implementation

A teacher training manual that talks about the Asli Shiksha way of learning.




Arun Elassery:

An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, with three decades of experience in Engineering, e-learning and Education.

Rajan Sampath:

An alumnus of IIT BHU, with 25 years of experience in the Corporate Sector managing large business verticals. Certified practicing life coach and motivational speaker.

Vijay Varahaswami:

Graduate in Hospitality Management, with over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in Technology, Training & Education, Financial Services and Travel businesses.


Pawan Gupta:

Pawanji is an alumnus of IIT Delhi. He setup SIDH (Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas) in 1989 to work in the field of rural education. He was instrumental in creating a network of rural schools in Uttarakhand. Currently he mentors educational organizations to bring in diverse perspectives on learning.


Most initiatives in the area of education focus on infrastructure, processes, content delivery and coaching. While the above areas are very important, we focus on the core area of 'Learning'.

We begin with the basic understanding that children are natural learners. Our work with education providers integrates the aspect of self-learning into the current way of teaching.

Going forward, we plan to bring technology interventions in managing the transformation processes at schools and educational Institutes.



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  • Forming a joint venture for implementing our self-learning methodology to improve educational outcomes in government schools.
  • Getting involved in publishing our series of books on education.
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