About Us

Most initiatives in the area of education focus on infrastructure, processes, content delivery and coaching.
While the above areas are very important, we focus on the core area of 'Learning'. 
We begin with the basic understanding that children are natural learners. Our work with education providers integrates the aspect of self-learning into the current way of teaching.
Going forward, we plan to bring technology interventions in managing the transformation processes at schools and educational Institutes.

We look forward to make a positive and substantive impact in the education sector.

Our Mentor

Pawan Gupta

Pawanji is a well known speaker, author and thought leader on education. He is the co-founder of SIDH, an NGO that has, over the years, run 35 village schools and published more than 40 books in Hindi and English. He has worked in close collaboration with, and is deeply influenced by, many renowned  scholars and spiritual leaders like Dharampal, SN Goenka, Baba Nagaraj, Samdhong Rinpoche and Ravindra Sharma. His life-journey has given him valuable insights into the impact of modernity on our society.

Currently he mentors educational organizations to bring in diverse perspectives on learning.


Our Team

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